California NCS
Andrea Mittelstaedt

VP, National Commercial Accounts

We are dedicated to ensuring your transaction is handled with accuracy, honesty and efficiency from initial contact to closing.


With two decades of working in the real estate industry, Commonwealth’s Andrea Mittelstaedt has seen a life­time of events and transitions that have made her wise beyond her years and always eager to learn. “As my client base has evolved, I bring that knowledge with me to the next transaction and now I am successfully serving Realtors® and Investors” says Andrea. “It gives them peace of mind, it is important to them, and it is important to me.” That importance was stressed to her from her mother, who was a successful real estate broker. “I grew up in the real estate industry, I just selected a different avenue in the title sector,” she says. “My mother owned her own company, so I learned from her work ethic, how she treated clients and what she expected from her partnerships. She was always very loyal to those who helped her along the way and that had a real impact on me.”

That exposure influenced the passion that Andrea brings with her to work every day. “I am constantly meeting new people and that never gets old,” states Andrea. “That is the best aspect of my job, along with solving problems.” Her penchant for problem solving has been especially relevant during the last five years, as she faced the abrupt turn in the real estate market. “Everything was great when I got in the business, then it all came to a screeching halt, and that taught me a lot,” she says.

“The difficult circumstances have forced everyone to be more knowledgeable, and that is positive for the long-term,” says Andrea, sounding like a person who has spent their entire life around the real estate industry. “When we ride the high waves of the market it is real easy to lose perspective. You have to enjoy it, but in general you have to keep a steady pace.”

Regardless of the market environment, the constant foundation to Andrea’s success has been her communications with clients. “I will never lose sight of the importance of developing and maintaining relationships; that is always relevant,” she says. “That is how you generate new ideas and concepts. It is also how I was able to identify a new client base in recent years.”

With 21 years in the business and 14 starting at Ticor and now Commonwealth, Andrea has settled in quite nicely as the work environment has complemented her professional development and client relations skills. “We always treat our clients the same, no matter what the size, because each deal is equally important to that client,” she acknowledges. “It has been an amazing relationship at Commonwealth, and I am fortunate enough to work with a lot of familiar faces. We do a good job at staying on the cutting edge of what agents need, so we can add value to what we offer.”

The ultimate testimony to Andrea’s success with client relations is her amount of referral business. “I couldn’t be happier, because these are the best kind of clients and that is the best thank you I can receive. I live and breathe this industry, so the possibilities for the future are endless.”